3D Modeling

Explore 3D Models

RW Dake has the ability to scan and create three-dimensional models using best-in-class cameras and software. 3D models can be used to show progress on a construction site, show off a newly finished project, or even as a marketing tool for customers to explore your space.

3D Walkthrough

Utilizing our 3D walkthroughs, Clients can remotely view, take measurements, and make informed decisions without ever stepping foot onsite all while reducing pre-construction costs.

Schematic Floor Plans

Accurate within 1%, RW Dake can convert a 3D scan of your space into a scalable floor plan. These floor plans can be used for construction estimates, to create emergency egress maps for your staff, or for other future planning.


RW Dake can also export a finished 3D model for import into third party programs used for as-builts or even AutoCAD.

  • Low density color point cloud (.xyz)
  • Reflected ceiling plan image (.jpg and .pdf)
  • High resolution floor plan image (.jpg and .pdf)
  • OBJ file of the 3D mesh (.obj)