DakeWall Metal Panel Partition System

Flexible. Functional. Professional

Our unique DAKEWALL System is as attractive as it is functional and flexible. Each modular system is engineered, designed, and manufactured to your specifications: the demountable partitions can be configured easily with different core panels depending on your needs.

Our panels are durable, professional looking, and easy to maintain. You can move or replace them without disturbing adjacent panels – and installing them is a dustless process, with no finishing, taping, or patching required.

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Who's Using The DAKEWALL System?

DAKEWALL is ideal for applications such as:

  • Cleanrooms
  • High-tech manufacturing
  • Computer rooms
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Offices
  • Industrial areas

Customizable Solutions

Our unique wall panel system can be installed as stand-alone structures or over existing walls to provide a consistent look, hide exposed pipes, or accommodate insulation. You can easily incorporate the following into your DAKEWALL:


  • Cleanroom panels
  • Metal clad drywall
  • Vinyl or fabric covered gypsum
  • Unfinished gypsum
  • Chalkboard
  • Whiteboard
  • Tack board
  • Additional hardboard panels

Standard DAKEWALL panels are 4 feet x 10 feet, with the ability to go up to 12 feet high for panels – and over 50 feet high for partitions. And while the typical partition measures 3½ inches from finish to finish, this thickness can be varied to accommodate your electrical and mechanical building components or other specifications. DAKEWALLS can also accommodate doors and windows.

DAKEWALL Cleanrooms

One of our most popular DAKEWALL Systems is the cleanroom, which also features steel framing and aluminum trim – and adds a composite honeycomb core that offers:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent energy absorption
  • Solid directional qualities
  • High tolerance aluminum alloy face

The standard finish is for our cleanroom panel is polyester and the standard color is white. We offer additional finishes, including ESD and other colors. While our standard aluminum trim finish is clear anodized, other finishes and colors are also available. Our cleanroom panels are 100% recyclable.

Meeting Strict Maintenance Requirements

Our panel surfaces are designed to resist dust, bacteria, and chemicals, so they are easy to clean. Our aluminum alloy cleanroom panels are resistant to microbial and fungal growth, and they are designed to withstand repeated cleaning chemical treatments. We can also produce panels with a vapor barrier for cleanrooms, climate controlled areas, food processing facilities, healthcare facilities, and other environments. Lead-lined DAKEWALL panels are ideally suited to areas that need sound and x-ray protection.

Guaranteed Quality

Our panels are built to last. Designed for optimum strength, they hold up well in virtually any environment. R.W. Dake stands behind our product, and if we install it, we guarantee our DAKEWALL system for two years.