Featured Project

Albany County Residential Healthcare Facility, Albany, NY

Large scale, two phase project spanning over two years with a completion date of Fall 2020. RW Dake has completed Phase One at this facility which included full renovations of three existing wings as well as the building of three new residential wing additions. Phase Two is currently underway and will closely mimic Phase One with the renovation of three more wings as well as the construction three more resident living additions.

Furthermore, this project includes two new resident dining areas tying all of the resident wings together and back to the administrative core which receives a generous refreshment itself.

The scope of work includes:

  • Millwork installation including; MDF wall trim, elevated light troughs, medicine cabinets, message boards, custom base cabinets, decorative panels, custom kitchen installations with full pantries, over 4 dozen solid surface laminated column surrounds, custom resin panels on stainless steel cabling, solid surface window sills, custom nursing stations and large work rooms. RW Dake also provided the installation of roof blocking over ten large roof areas and all the new additions on this project.
  • Work will be completed in every area of the facility including each resident bathroom, public bathroom, kitchens, dining areas, nurses stations, offices, community areas, corridors, resident entry alcoves, etc.