Featured Project

M&T Bank Southgate Branch

The Southgate branch for M&T was designed to be a showpiece branch in western NY. While RW Dake was not selected to build the entire branch, we were retained by the Bank to monitor construction and perform quality inspections. Several issues were detected and our western NY team worked with bank representatives, engineers, and architects to develop solutions that would work. Specifically, RW Dake was tasked with installing a fiberglass “wing” that was designed to be one of the key exterior architectural features of the project. The pictures to the right shown illustrate the “wing” in various stages of construction.

In addition to this work, RW Dake personnel were retained to put some of the final touches on the new branch and close the old branch. This included the moving of all files and documents and the removal of vaults, ATM’s, safe deposit boxes and all furniture. This was truly a unique job for RW Dake and definitely stretched our capabilities with the installation of the “wing”. A great summary of what we did and how well it went was given by Leo Garrison with M&T:

“Here are some stories about Dake and the extra effort that the company, and especially Todd and his staff, have consistently put forth. One example was on our recent construction of our Southgate Branch, the new flagship location for the bank. Dake was brought in to handle the steps and transitional work necessary to make the transition from a functional shell to a completed branch facility, where employees could literally show up and be certain that all their functional needs were taken care of. That phase was done without a hitch. Additionally, Dake was instrumental in ensuring that a critical exterior design element went smoothly. Todd and his staff oversaw the entire process of adjusting the steel columns and the corresponding receiving pin locations for our canopy elements. Dake supervised the welding effort in the off hours, checked and verified that all weld locations and placements met spec, and then, when the canopies arrived, smoothly and efficiently placed and connected them per the design requirements. Considerable planning was necessary to make that installation go seamlessly, and Todd and his crew went the extra mile to cover every conceivable detail and contingency, right down to the after hours “fire watch” for the interior welding.”